Two More Desktop Images

Posted by: on Mar 10, 2008 in Photography | No Comments

Here are two more desktop images from photos that I took. One is a meerkat. I was hoping to get a portrait-style photo that day. Thanks to unusual patience and my Canon 100mm prime lens, I got the shot. This one reminds me of a corporate bio headshot. “J.P Meerkat, Vice President, Grubworm Global, LTD.”

The second photo is of an unrecognized breed of raptor (a.k.a. a bird of prey). It’s like a falcon, only smaller – even when fully grown. It was found in the Columbia Gorge area between the Oregon and Washington state lines. It’s a gorgeous bird, that’s all I know.

Enjoy the desktop images! (Personal use only, please!)

UPDATE: A very informed reader in Belgium informed me that the raptor above is a falcon sparverius, a.k.a. American kestrel. Thanks Hans!