Round Edges on Images. Not a Magnolia.

Posted by: on May 29, 2008 in Photography | 4 Comments

I took a few photos this last weekend. I figured I’d run them through to see how they look with rounded edges.

Here’s one sample – it’s a Kousa Dogwood.

Square Edges:

Rounded Edges:

The rounded edges are pretty cool. It gives a different feel and adds more character. Check out to test out your own image. The only downside I noticed with using is that it can strip Adobe color profiles from images causing colors to be slightly different. Check the two images above and you’ll see the correct color profile in the squared version (if your browser recognizes color profiles; Safari does), and stripped color profile in the rounded version. Oh well. Maybe 2.0 will solve this little side-effect.

A Few More Desktop Images

Posted by: on Feb 12, 2008 in Photography | No Comments

Here are a few more desktop images. They’re 1920×1200 and will downsize to 1680×1050 smoothly. Enjoy!

Desktop Images

Posted by: on Mar 17, 2007 in Photography | 5 Comments

Here are some 1680×1050 desktop images made from photos I took over the last couple days. Download them and enjoy, if you feel so inclined.