Corsair "P128" 128GB SSD in a MacBook Pro

Posted by: on Jul 26, 2009 in Mac Specific, Technology | 11 Comments

After toying with the Seagate 500GB hard drive in my MacBook Pro for about 6 weeks, I realized that I needed an even faster drive to push through my photo and video projects. After conducting a ton of research and grieving over the expense, I decided to ‘invest’ in the Corsair P128 CMFSSD-128GBG2D at

There were two things that really sold me on the Corsair P128: the 220MB/s read and 200MB/s write speeds and the 128MB cache. The read/write speeds are near top of the line for SSDs. The Corsair’s 128MB cache is simply staggering compared to the average 8MB or 16MB cache on standard laptop hard drives (16MB cache for the 500GB Seagate).

The P128 is the exact length, height and width as the 500GB Seagate. The P128, however, is much, much lighter.

Here are some simple before and afters:

Action or Test Run   Seagate 500GB Corsair P128 Improvement
Startup to Desktop, Quicksilver & NewsFire   80 seconds 34 seconds 2.3x
Photoshop CS4   16 seconds 6 seconds 2.6x
Firefox 3.5   8 seconds 4 seconds 2.0x
Word/Excel 2008   11 seconds 4 seconds 2.7x
Mail   4 seconds 3 seconds 1.3x
Random Read (4k)   0.60 MB 16.19 MB 26.9x
Random Write (4k)   1.18 MB 12.30 MB 10.4x

Here’s the P128 getting mounted in the drive bay:

Dropping from 500GB storage was a bit of a mental hurdle, but I really value speed over size. That’s what external drives are for.

After a few days using the P128, I’m very satisfied. The price still makes me wince, though. Ouch.