FTP display limited to showing 9,998 files?

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I was FTP’d into a MediaTemple server recently to help a friend do an extensive backup of files. One folder had 9,998 files in it. When downloading that folder, it failed right toward the very end. After a couple attempts, I called MediaTemple about it and the support guy said:

“I see a little over 32,000 files in that directory.”

I saw 9,998 and he saw 32,000. WTF.

He suggested doing a backup over SSH. That failed. The MediaTemple rep suggested an expensive upgrade for MT backup services. No effing way, Jack. I Googled the crap out of it and every post I found seemed to be full of weird solutions or bitter apathy over not being able to back up or access all one’s precious files.

On a whim, I switched my Transmit.app from FTP to SFTP (port 21 to 22) and what do you know? Instead of 9,998 files, I was now viewing 32,765 files. I was able to download the entire directory without a single error, and all files got backed up successfully.

So if you’re pulling your hair out over the 9,998 files your FTP server is displaying (but you KNOW there are more), try switching to SFTP. You may just get what you need.

OS X Mavericks

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This is the first thing that comes to mind with the new “OS X Mavericks” announcement.

Embedded YouTube video not playing in iOS 6?

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Embedded YouTube video not playing in iOS 6 (but used to play fine in Safari under iOS 5)? Getting the old “Download Flash or QuickTime” error message in the popup?

Go into Settings, then Safari, then tap “Clear Cookies and Data“. Go back to the page you were viewing in Safari and refresh. Try the embedded video again and it should play. If not, try going back into Safari settings and Clear History.